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Planning for Those Facing Illness (Crisis Planning)

Unfortunately, there are always those situations that arise where either the estate planning done previously didn’t take into account longer-term possibilities – either because the planning was never updated or the client’s situation has changed drastically and unexpectedly.  Most often, this happens with the unanticipated illness of a spouse.  The admittance of a spouse to the hospital or a nursing facility is scary – and the unknown facing the healthy spouse adds to the fear. 


It is important to remember, however, that knowledge is one of the best ways to battle fear.  Understanding the rules and the situation, knowing your options, and drafting a plan can prepare you for the challenges facing you. 

Whether the concern is paying for care, or being able to make decisions for a spouse in the absence of a power of attorney, the attorneys at Deal Law, PLLC, can provide the understanding, information, and tools you need to overcome this crisis.  Our experience in these areas provide us with an understanding of what you are going through, and allow us to be compassionate while at the same time being your champion. 


If you or a loved one are facing a crisis, we want to help. Call (336) 584-4448, or click here to schedule an appointment


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