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Estate Planning for the Recently Married Couple

If you are recently (or not recently) married, there are few better times to sit down and examine your estate plan.  Many couples often mistakenly assume that their new spouse will get everything they own if something happens to them.  Without a will, this is not the case.  Have you updated beneficiary designations on life insurance and retirement accounts?  If you don’t have a joint bank account, how will your spouse access your funds if something happens and you are incapacitated? 

The law in these areas doesn’t always line up with what people assume would or should be the case.  It is supremely important to sit down with an attorney experienced in this area who can explain the pitfalls and issues and provide directions and solutions.  The law firm of Deal Law, PLLC, can provide these answers and is ready to help.   Call (336) 584-4448, or click here to schedule an appointment


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