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Estate Planning for Individuals or Couples with Minor Children

Proper estate planning is very important for couples with minor children.  A well-drafted estate plan can cover many of the uncertainties that make folks with minor children uneasy or even scared.  Questions such as “who will take care of the children” or “how can we make sure they have money available but ensure it lasts” can be handled with relative ease in properly-drafted wills.  Not having these documents could, in some instances, result in court battles over custody and the children having access to all money left to them at the age of 18.

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If you have minor children, there is no better time than now to establish an estate plan that will take care of them for years to come, and the attorneys at Deal Law, PLLC, are ready to answer your questions and provide guidance. Call (336) 584-4448, or click here to schedule an appointment


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